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Older Adult Financial Exploitation: What We Need To Know

FBI LA will be providing training focusing on "Older Adult Financial Exploitation: What We Need To Know". This training will last from 9am to 12:15pm. All personnel are encouraged to attend. This training is essential for FBI personnel who interact with older adults both during investigations or in taking a complaint. Lync access to the RA's will be provided. AUSA Elder Justice Coordinator Monica Tait, Deputy DA Elena Abramson, Griselda Gaytan from Ventura County Adult Protective Services and Dr. Erik Lande, a Ventura County neuropsychologist, will share information that will be of critical importance to assist you in investigations involving older adults, taking and evaluating complaints, and interviewing older adults.

Some of the information to be presented includes:

• Information on relevant state and federal laws and guidelines in submitting cases for prosecution

• Information on determining 'capacity and consent' in the state system

• How to investigate and prosecute these cases even when the older adult is cognitively impaired or is deceased

• Increasing your skills in interviewing those that may be cognitively in decline

• Understanding the 'aging process' and age associated financial vulnerability as issues in victimization

• Understanding the role of Adult Protective Services as a useful tool in assisting older and dependent adult victims, including how APS may be used in OPS plans.