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Insights into the Aging Brain

Training for Adult Protective Services Central Valley Region (Fresno)

We all have assumptions about what happens to our brain as we age. In this training we will challenge these and clarify how the brain works, how it does age and what effects this has on our thinking abilities.

brain 3 dimensional.png

We will also explore how things can go wrong, including considering the various types of dementia and other conditions that can affect cognition and be mistaken for dementia. We will learn how to work more effectively with older adults generally to increase their capacity in the moment and learn how to address a variety of difficulties, from communication problems to scam participation. We will particularly explore what makes older adults more vulnerable to scams and financial exploitation.

We will finish up by exploring the how you can understand and make use of medical tests. Our overall goal will be to explore how to more effectively understand our older clients' capability and how we can try to improve their functioning in the moment